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9 Respons to “Khidmat”

  1. azura said

    ASSIGNMENT (35%)
    “ Recent news coverage of corruption scandals at some of the nation’s corporate giants has
    placed the spotlight on the importance of ethical teaching and training in order to counter
    this form of unhealthy practices.
    One of the social scientist had even proposed that the initial stage teaching and learning of
    ethics should star from primary schools until tertiary levels. The other stage should start
    from the time when he/she joined the workforce. “
    You are required to prepare an assignment to present your views in the statement above.
    [Total: 35 marks]
    i) Guides
    Introduction ( 3 marks)
    You should give a brief idea regarding what you are going to discuss in the assignment
    by touching briefly what are you going to discuss.
    Assignment Proper (25 marks)
    First of all, students should discuss what is ethics before proceed to define ethical
    teaching and training. Try to discuss the importance of ethical teaching and learning in
    school including at the university level. Try to discuss how to be a ethical person before
    joining the work force. In addition, try to identify the connections between ethical
    training and corruption practices.
    Conclusion (5 marks)
    Give a final conclusion whether ethical teaching and training able to eradicate the
    corruption practices.
    References ( 2 marks)
    List out all the references quoted by you in your assignment.
    ii) Important topics:
    Chapter 1 – Moral Reasoning and Ethical Theory
    Chapter 2 – Moral and Social Responsibility
    Chapter 4 – Managerial Ethics and The Rule of Law
    Chapter 8 – Whistle Blowing
    ii) References
    – Joseph W. Weiss (2006), Business Ethics, Thomson, United States.
    – Steven Luper (2002), A GuideTto Ethics, Mc Graw Hill, New York.
    – Peter M. Senge (1999), The Fifth Disipline, Random House Audio Publishing Group
    – Charles Bernheimer (1994), Comperative Literature in the Age of Multiculturalism,The
    Johns Hopkins University Press.
    – Any other references that is relevant.

  2. azura said

    tolong terjemahkan ke bahasa melayu.TQ

  3. Naim Jalil said

    Hai Azura,
    Saya telah buat terjemahan dan hantar ke email yahoo awak. Nanti akan saya masukkan ke dalam prosting. Harap dapat membantu.

  4. ika said


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    The hotel is aimed primarily at the business travelers while catering to the packages, civil servants, convention goers, vacationers and budget travelers.

  5. Naim Jalil said

    Hai Ika,

    Saya penterjemah professional (walaupun sambilan) dan memperolehi pendapatan dari aktiviti ini. Saya cuma menterjemah percuma untuk kerja-kerja amal NGO dan kumpulan pelajar (untuk manfaat ramai seperti soalan tugasan dari Azura).

    Teks yang anda sertakan berbau komersial. Jika anda pelajar, dan perlukan terjemahan tersebut di dalam laporan praktik anda, saya sedia menterjemahkannya dengan terma-terma tertentu. Sila hubungi emel saya.

    Terima kasih.

  6. Azura,
    Saya Dr Zainal A Samad diP.jaya. Saya kini sedang menulis 2 buah buku , dlm. bidang pengurusan strategik. Saya ingin mencari penterjamah berbakat untuk menterjemah sebahagian kandungan buku saya yang masih dlm. BI. Becadang untuk melancar buku saya dlm BM pada Nov 2009 ini.

    Dr Zainal

  7. Ayra said

    saya boleh bantu sesiapa saja yang perlukan khidmat terjemahan saya.. BI-BM, BM-BI, sila email sya jika berminat ayra_fazd84@yahoo.com

  8. Moh said

    Tuan, berapa rate untuk proof reading bagi thesis. Saya baru selesai siapkan theisis phd, 182 muka surat, 44K words.


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